Entrepreneurs of manufacturing companies see great potential in promoting their products on foreign markets. Apart of all well-known export directions, the Gulf States market is now becoming increasingly popular. The success of Polish business entities proves that Polish entrepreneurs can successfully start the export process to Arab markets. 

Polish export in numbers

From presented by Central Statistical Office data shows that in period from January to April 2017 export – in comparison with analogous period in the previous year- increased by 6,2%. Polish companies export mainly to the European countries. The main customers are: Germany, The United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, France, Italy and the Netherlands. Next to the most popular directions  more and more popular are arabian countries. Nowadays the most growing export directions are United Arab States, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.


What is connected with export to the foreign countries?

Enter to the new market is always associated with necessity of understanding. It is not only about the competitors but also about legal aspects. In case of arabian countries you must not forget about the culture. Despite the potential and good economic situation there are many questions left.

Successes of polish business entities testify that polish entrepreneurs can successfully export to the arabian markets. Here are the examples of companies that can prosper so efficiently at such distant markets: Inglot (cosmetic industry), Nowy Styl (furniture industry), Izodom 2000 Polska (construction industry).


How to export to the Arab markets?

The constant development of the Arab markets means a great opportunity for Polish entrepreneurs to promote their products and, therefore, an attractive profit.

Where to start? And how to enter the Gulf States market? Is local tax law complicated?


2nd edition of the conference "Export to the Gulf States"

To get answers to these questions, all entrepreneurs interested in exporting their products to UAE market should take part in the 2nd edition of the conference "Export to the Gulf States" which will take a place in Warsaw, on October 23rd, 2017.

The Middle East is still a huge potential for earning, investing, and above all exporting. There are entrepreneurs from all over the world, therefore participation in the conference may be a big opportunity to acquire new business contacts, it is also an excellent chance for B2B dealings with local representatives from Middle Eastern companies.

Apart from the speeches given by experts and representatives of local companies from United Arab Emirates, there will also be a workshop.

This part of the conference guarantees entrepreneurs a solid dose of practical knowledge - They will be taught on the example of a cosmetic company and its entry into the Middle East market.

The Organizer also provide a discussion panel during the conference to dispel the doubts of participants.


Do you want more information? Write on: info@BiznesDubaj.pl


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